A well maintained filtration system is key to having a clear, blue, hassle free swimming pool. A basic filtration system consists of a pump, filter and underground piping. Water is sucked by the pump into the pump basket. This is known as the suction side of the pump. The pump then pushes the water into the filter. This is known as the pressure side. The water is then filtered through the sand and the filter underdrain and back into the swimming pool. This process should happen at least twice a day.

The recommended running time of the pump in summer is 8 to 12 hours and 5 to 8 hours in winter. Running times can be adjusted throughout the year according to the size of the pool, time of year and bather load. To maintain the optimal running condition of the pump and filter, regular backwashing is necessary. Backwashing and refreshing of the pool water go hand in hand. A poorly maintained filtration system will affect how your pool equipment operates as well. A strong pressure at the return jet is needed to circulate chemicals to all areas of the swimming pool. If water pressure is low, you could have dead spots in the pool that will encourage algae growth. Filter sand changes are recommended every 3 to 4 years. Filters that are neglected are at risk of running at higher filter pressures due to dirt that coagulates in the filter from the use of clarifiers and not backwashing often enough.